The Crown Tundra’s release time is a disaster

Today, October 22nd was supposed to be an extremely fun day. After months of hype, the new expansion for Pokemon Sword & Shield would be coming out. With a myriad of new content to play and explore, with the return of some of my favorite Pokemon such as Dragonite and Garchomp, I was ready to jump right in and play as soon as possible. However… it’s evening time and as of now, the expansion has yet to drop.

It’s strange… As had been announced weeks ago, today was supposed to be the release date. Yet, speculation on Twitter of the actual release time is that it will be late at night. For Eastern time zone residents such as myself, that would be 12:00 AM. In other words… not today the 22nd, but tomorrow the 23rd…

The reason for this? Simultaneous, worldwide release. Syncing it all up works to hit on time with the set European release date which is the 23rd.

It’s understandable they would want to do something like this, but it’s infuriating to say the least. There was nary an indication that this would be the case. As the day has gone on, there hasn’t been a single word from Nintendo or the Pokemon Company about what is actually going on. The only definitive on the expansion’s release has, ironically, been speculation.

This is a debacle in terms of communication, something Nintendo and the Pokemon Company could fix with haste by sending a single tweet clarifying the situation. For what was supposed to be an elating day of play, it has turned into one of confusion and frustration.




Aspiring Fiction Writer. I write on whatever interests me. Particularly video games, anime and manga.

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Patrick Lindo

Patrick Lindo

Aspiring Fiction Writer. I write on whatever interests me. Particularly video games, anime and manga.

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