The Baseball Gods Like Justice, The 2019 Postseason Proves It

Baseball history is rich with stories. Quirky, eerie, and downright silly, there is something you are bound to find in the 100+ year history of professional baseball. One theme that is frequently found in the long lists of tales is poetic justice. And the 2019 World Series and Postseason has been another story to add.

The Baseball Gods’ poetic justice is entertaining to look at. The Red Sox were tormented with an 86-year World Series Championship drought, dubbed the “Curse of the Bambino” after selling away Babe Ruth to the Yankees until, ironically, the Yankees went and swindled another superstar slugger in Alex Rodriguez in 2004.

How about the other “Sox” team in Chicago, the White Sox, going on an almost just as long drought after the whole “Black Sox” scandal in the 1919 World Series where players intentionally threw games in order to settle gambling debts. They didn’t break the “Curse of Black Sox” until 2005, directly after the afformentioned Red Sox. Strangely putting together a pattern with the White Sox’s previous championship being in 1917 and the Red Sox previous being in 1918 (baseball is weird).

Baseball’s poetic justice has also worked positively. In 2013, months after the Boston Marathon bombings, the Red Sox went on a World Series Championship run, after being last in their division the previous year. Or in 2001 after 9/11, the Mets won the first sporting event played in New York since the terrorist attacks on a dramatic comeback win with Mike Piazza’s eigth inning home run and the Yankees making it to their fourth straight World Series appearance with President Bush throwing a perfect strike for the ceremonial first pitch at Yankee Stadium.

In the 2019 World Series, justice is being dished out again, on both sides of the diamond.

Let’s start with the Nationals.

In the 2018 offseason, they had lost their star player Bryce Harper to their division rivals, the Philadelphia Phillies for $330 million. Yet, despite losing their best asset, they made it to baseball’s final and ultimate stage, the World Series. As of the release of this article, they are two games away from winning it all. Humorously, one thing that fans have been kicking around is Bryce Harper’s flub at his introductory press conference with the Phillies where he mistakenly declared he would bring a title for his now former team.

Even his former team got a jab in.

For the Houston Astros, they arrived to the World Series by way of justice, yet almost lost by it too, and are getting their punishment now. Domestic violence has been a hot topic in recent years, especially due to the reports of professional athletes committing the crime. For the MLB, two of them were on display in the American League Championship series, both playing the same position, Closing Pitcher.

For the Astros it was Roberto Osuna who in 2018 was arrested on alleged assault while a member of the Blue Jays. Despite the incident, the Astros saw fit to acquire Osuna via trade. In 2019, he posted a good year but it almost looked all for naught in Game 6 of the 2019 ALCS when he gave up a game tying home run to DJ LeMahieu in the top half of the ninth inning.

Fortunately Osuna was saved by the other domestic abuser closer for the Yankees, Aroldis Chapman. Already having a history of flubbing is a series clinching game by surrendering the lead in Game 7 of the 2016 World Series as a member of the Cubs, Chapman came on in the bottom of the ninth to pitch at least two innings to give the Yankees a chance to win it in extra innings. He blew it, giving up the walk off home run to the certified Yankee killer Jose Altuve. His smile told it all.

Yet, somehow the Astros kept themselves in harm’s way. In the post game celebration, Astros Assistant General Manager, Brandon Taubman, taunted female reporters.

“Thank God we got Osuna! I’m so f — — — glad we got Osuna!” he exclaimed.

Reportedly, one of the reporters was wearing a band for domestic-violence awareness, and not had any prior interaction directly before Taubmann’s outburst.

Initially, the Astros response was weak. But since the initial stories they have given their Assistant GM the boot. But the damage is still done. And the baseball gods are out with the hammer of justice.

As of now the World Series stands at the tally of 2–0, in favor of the Nationals. It comes to a surprise, since the Astros came in as the heavy favorite and even more surprising considering the history of a National League team sweeping in the NLCS against an AL team that had an extended ALCS (2007 and 2015).

Yet the Nationals are only two games away, with baseball justice on their side. Considering all the factors, I’ll place my bets on them. Bold of a die-hard Mets fan like I to say that. But I don’t dare fight against the will of the baseball gods.




Aspiring Fiction Writer. I write on whatever interests me. Particularly video games, anime and manga.

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Patrick Lindo

Patrick Lindo

Aspiring Fiction Writer. I write on whatever interests me. Particularly video games, anime and manga.

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