My Reaction to the Historic Macross News

I’m in joyous disbelief, the day has finally come. The time that Macross fans have been waiting for. Perhaps this is a sign that 2021 truly will be a good year? Maybe, maybe not. But regardless, I am ecstatic. I’ll take this moment. As the characters of the franchise would say…DECULTURE!

Screenshot from Macross Frontier, Episode 5; Star Date. Elmo Kirdanik expresses the term, “Deculture.” In the Macross Universe the term is used to express amazement.

The Macross anime franchise stands as one of the best and most significant mecha anime franchises of all time. Its original series brought with it a different style in comparison to other contemporary series of the genre by bringing a focus on more thought-provoking and non combat themes. The series can also be credited for sparking a consumption of anime outside of Japan, with its inclusion in the popular Robotech adaptation. Aside from the original series, the Macross franchise has continued on well, with the most recent entry, Macross Delta being released in 2016.

Despite the franchise’s longevity and success, for the longest time, aside from the Robotech adaptation, Macross wasn’t able to make a mark outside of Japan. While a few dubbing releases of series such as Macross Plus and an uncut non-Robotech release of the original series made it out, they silently faded into obscurity and with not so much as a whisper of the other entries being considered for western release.

It came as a shock to me when I decided to dive into the series and couldn’t find Macross Frontier on Crunchyroll. I swore to have seen it multiple times in my countless rounds browsing every anime in alphabetical order.

The reason for all this was a complex legal dispute which had the franchise hung up in terms of international distribution. I don’t dare get into explaining the crazy situation here.

That’s because, it no longer matters. On April 8th, it was announced that mess had finally cleared and all parties had agreed to make a move towards a bright future. Now the Macross franchise finally make its mark worldwide.

I went into a frenzy upon seeing a tweet from Funimation dropping the news. Raging fervor took me over and made me jump out of my chair and flail my arms in a wild dance. After years of disappointment and vitriol at the situation Macross was in, it felt like a triumph over all evil in the world.

I couldn’t help but play Gary Cohen’s, “THE IMPOSSIBLE HAS HAPPENED!!!” call from Bartolo Colon’s first career home run in my head on repeat. This is how historic and exciting this news is. I immediately went all over social media to any Macross related page and even on a Discord channel where a bunch of fellow fans were to spread the news and get the reaction.

The tweet that caused an eruption of glee.

All I could think of when I calmed down was, where to go from here? What entry would be first to drop? Will there be dubs? Who would voice who? All questions that seemed unreasonable hypotheticals to ask suddenly became very real.

As to the first question on my mind I do hope the first series they introduce is Macross Frontier.

Macross Frontier’s main cast of characters. (From left to right) Ranka Lee, Sheryl Nome, and Saotome Alto. Macross Frontier remains my personal favorite entry in the franchise.

Released in 2008, on the 25th anniversary of the franchise, Macross Frontier does a good job of both paying homage to the original series while cementing its own legacy. My personal favorite entry of the series, it was also the first true Macross anime I got into after only seeing the original Macross through Robotech. Being unfamiliar with the elements of the Macross franchise, Macross Frontier was a smooth introduction. Considering how well the transition was from Robotech’s adaptation, there’s no doubt Frontier would do the same for most others.

And again, Frontier is my favorite entry in all Macross and I have been craving to get my hands on a physical release of the series along with all the merchandise. It’s quite the hassle of going on eBay and looking for something to import from Japan or finding something in an anime convention after walking around frantically looking into every store booth. I would also love to see how an English Dub would go for the series, good or bad, I want to be able to see it all.

The Super Dimension Fortress Macross (1982).

Of course, there’s also the possibility of the original Macross being dropped first in this new era. There’s no better way to get into a franchise than from the beginning. Released in 1982, The Super Dimension Macross is one of the classics in all anime. I’ve done a review of the original series before and everything I’ve said there still stands. Macross is still a must watch, especially now with the landmark news. For those who have only known Macross through Robotech, I’d recommend the “rewatch” to be able to analyze and see the differences. Releasing the original Macross first would also make sense considering there is already an English Dub done by the now defunct ADV Films for the series which was released back in 2006. Already readily available, a simple re-release on Blu-ray and DVD would be the quickest and most efficient route.

Outside of the anime, I am extremely hyped by the opportunity to get my hands on merchandise which seemed all out of reach. As a mecha series, with transformable robots at the center of it all, the most valuable collectibles are the transformable toys of the main mechs of the franchise, the Valkyries.

Image of the DX Chogokin : Macross Frontier VF-25F Messiah Valkyrie (Saotome Alto Custom) Toy.

I already own a Valkyrie toy in the Arcadia 1/60 Scale VF-1S Hikaru Ichijou Movie Version, and I would be ecstatic to get another without the crazy prices from overseas importing and with better ease in finding them.

Of course, I still do have a bit of caution in me. Despite the deal, there is always a chance something to could happen. As implied by my use of a clip and a moment from a baseball game played by the New York Mets, I am a fan of the team. A team which has had a long and painful history of deals that have looked good at first just to blow up in catastrophe. I have experience. But I remain optimistic. Considering how long and arduous this all was, and the clamor of fans for just as long a time I can’t see the parties involved doing anything to waste away the historic moment they’ve just created.

I celebrate. Celebrate for this victory for all current Macross fans and the future fans who will now come with the wider exposure.

My mood as demonstated by Freyja Wion from Macross Delta (2016).

The future is bright.

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